NCLEX Preparation: How To Prepare And Pass The NCLEX

NCLEX preparation is very important in order to be successful. There are many review programs, books, and classes that can be found on how to practice and prepare for the exam so this article isn’t going to touch on those things. Instead, this article is going to focus on the simple things you can do to prepare for the NCLEX.

The simplest thing you can do is work on your attitude! This might sound simplistic, but without the right attitude heading into the exam, it can be a disaster. All that studying and practicing will be for nothing when you sit down to take the exam if you have a negative attitude and are anxious to boot.

Many students get caught up with anxiety leading up to the NCLEX exam. For this situation, there are certain relaxation techniques and methods that will help you to relax and prepare without the added stress.

For example, one of the simplest things that you can do for any exam is to take deep breaths whenever you sense your throat tightening or you feel that sickening feeling in your stomach. This is simple but it works every time, as you start to gain control over your breathing again. If you control your breathing then you can control your nerves and anxiety as well.

Along with focusing on your breathing, you can practice visualization techniques while you are leading up to the exam. For example, before you start reviewing your books, you should sit in your chair with a straight back and start to visualize yourself as having already passed the exam. You should also do this before you fall asleep at night. This will help to program your brain to give you what you want. It will also help to calm you down as your relay positive mental images to yourself over and over in your mind.

Another simple tactic that can be used during the exam itself is only taking note of one question at a time. When you focus on just one question, you will see that it is a chance to move you one step closer to your goal of passing the exam and becoming a qualified nurse. Again, this comes back to your overall attitude, but this is a slight variation on the theme.

On another note, when you are studying, you need to know which method of learning works best for you. Most people retain information better with the help of audio or visual media. If this describes your learning style, then you should compliment your text studying with audio and video materials so you retain more.

These are just some very simple and basic things to do for NCLEX preparation. With the right attitude and appropriate studying time, you’ll be sure to pass the exam with flying colors.

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