Travel Nurse Salary and Benefits

For many individuals aspiring to get into the field of nursing, the travel nurse salary and benefits has become a draw for them even before they start their education. This is because more and more people are discovering just how great a career travel nursing can be for the right person.

But first, what is travel nursing and what does it take to be a traveling nurse?

Travel nursing is a career option that allows a registered nurse to accept short-term nursing jobs throughout the United States. The travel nurse temporarily fills in a nursing position in any hospital where there is a shortage of nurses. These appointments can typically last from as short as three months to as long as one year. As soon as the hospital hires a permanent replacement for the job, the travel nurse then moves on to the next assignment.

The requirements for becoming a travel nurse are the same as any other staff nurse position. Basically, one must be a licensed registered nurse with adequate experience for the job on hand. Anyone interested in such an assignment need only approach any one of the over 300 travel nursing agencies across the country which handle recruitment, forwarding of applications, and interviews.

This career choice has several advantages that draws both new and experienced nurses to consider it. For one, travel nursing has a sense of adventure to it as it allows you to visit different places, work in different hospital settings, and get to meet new people and other medical professionals.

And then of course, a major draw of this job is the travel nurse salary which is often higher than other regular nursing assignments. The hourly rate is often between $30 to $40 dollars, depending also on factors like the length of the appointment, the location of the job, and the experience of the nurse. Besides the higher travel nurse salary range, RNs who choose this path also get to receive relocation allowance, housing subsidy, and even bonuses.

Some might say that like any freelancing job, travel nursing isn’t stable employment. While this may be true to a certain extent, the fact is, there is a severe nursing shortage in the country and nurses are needed everywhere. This puts the traveling nurse in a very advantageous position. He or she can opt to choose the best paying assignments on a short term basis, or, because hospitals often try to recruit travel nurses who perform well for a permanent job, settle for a full-time position in a hospital where he or she is happy.

If a travel nurse salary and benefits are not what you have in mind for your nursing career, you should know that there are many other options in this industry that you can explore.

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